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Joey Banua a.k.a. Brother Joe is one of Nashville's newest Country/Rock recording artists and up-and-coming record producers. Born and raised in the suburbs of St. Louis, MO, country hasn't always been his scene, but Brother Joe found his country roots while serving at a church amongst the cornfields of Indiana. It was there that he found a passion for telling stories in his songwriting, and found a niche in alternative perspectives. But you better buckle up if you're gonna attend a Brother Joe show!

     With a setlist that boasts several Nashville heavy-hitting bops & bangers, Brother Joe will bring energy and grit to the stage, but hold your beer tight... because the show will turn on a dime and you'll be going to CHURCH! Once you hear this voice, you'll never forget it. He's got a rich rock edge, and overwhelmingly pure top notes. Brother Joe's voice even earned him a spot in Hollywood on American Idol Season 11 where he received three vibrant "Yes's" from Randy, J Lo & Steven Tyler. 

     In 2016 Brother Joe & his wife (Rachel) penned their flagship song "Sirens" which has become an anthem among the first responder community. Many of our world's law enforcement, firefighters, medical, dispatch, rescue & military personnel will often begin or end their shifts with this song. A song that, in Brother Joe style, offers an alternative perspective from the point of view of a first responder's family. Without any marketing or advertising the song took flight on YouTube with 2,000,000 views to date. An honor that Brother Joe could have never seen coming. He plans to release a "Sirens" re-imagined on the 5 year anniversary of the song featuring The Voice Season 6 Alumni Kristen Merlin!

     Brother Joe has been eagerly anticipating the re-opening of the world (post-pandemic) so that he can make his way around the world to all the first responders and fans who have expressed their love for the song. He's taken the time at home to put together a hard hitting show and a host of opportunities to show his appreciation for our heroes and give back to the community. He also spent that time focusing on his physical health and dropped over 100 lbs. to date. He's like a caged lion with his new found energy and focus! Look out! 

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